Under protection of his Honnor

Minisrter of forighn afaiers

Bernard K Membe.

This is Southern Union Development Fund (SUDEF)





Our organization strategic visioning is a critical step that and any strong organization must undertake. This is essential activities that enable the organization to get a sense of where it is going, how it will get where it want to go, when, and with what means.

The strategic plans 2011-2016 kick off our second half decade of supporting the development of rural community in Tanzania. Given the fact that SUDEF work thoroughly and widely affects a wide range of stakeholders, the strategic planning process was a highly participatory, undertaking, discussing, analyzing and agreeing upon key results area based on identified priorities that reflect what the beneficiaries needs and the change we want to see happening in rural societies.

This popular version of the strategic plan was developed considering the fact that shared values and understanding among partners and stakeholders is essential for any plan to succeed. The latest five years strategic plans (2011-2016) is a comprehensive document that not only focuses on what SUDEF want to be achieved with in its core programs but also widely incorporate the requirement of rural community in response to the involving needs and priorities. Now that, the document is prepared, efforts have been made to popularize the plan such that it becomes user friendly and that many people can easily understand and reflect on its content and meaning. It is our expectations that all stakeholders will be able to read this simplified version of the strategic plan, and then perform a vital role in its implementation.

SUDEF so pray acknowledgment, with great appreciation the contribution made by all stake holders who participated in the strategic planning process and development of this popular version. Through the implementation of this process we look forward to being an even stronger and dynamic SUDEF that provide significant to the development of agricultural societies economy and citizens development through empowerment in Tanzania.




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Chairman Managing Director

Hon. Hamisi H Chinyaka Dr Leif Laursen PhD.